Being a writer in Dominican Republic


Complaining is easy, I just phone-fight with Claro for the excellent service they have. Why being stress-free when you can go mad for not having the internet service you’re paying for? Sorry, mom pays for. And here I am now, about to complain how frustrating is trying to be a writer in Dominican Republic. The funny part is I’m about to do it in English instead of doing it in Spanish which is actually what we speak here. See? The point is just burst in anger. And forgive me but when you are just five feet tall you must wind emotions, either way, they end up eating you up.


Right now I’m sitting in another room plugged to a cable internet connection because Wi-Fi won’t just work, away from my desk, a guaguita anunciadora making noise outside and completely out of my comfort zone and you know what? so far it has been so horrible to the fact that no longer bothers me. Now, read before you leave saying I’m just one brown latin crazy girl.


How are we supposed to achieve anything at all if we are not willing to go out and wander? Some years ago when my aunt was whining about me not having a boyfriend during summer vacation all I said was “how will I get a boyfriend inside my house? At least let me get back to classes and socialize at campus” a couple of months later I did had a boyfriend; I should have stayed at home.


Being a writer in Dominican Republic is hard, you don’t find here agents,  publishing houses won’t even look at you if you don’t have the right connections and the writers who had actually made it won’t ever for any chance give you a hand because you’re young and they do not want to share their spotlight. I don’t know if outside this island is a different story but folks, is a hell of a journey. The kind of travel you make in the back seat next to that one person who talks rubbish the whole trip or has bad breath. Or both because the universe loves you.  Is a constant fight to get seen while being blind and yes that’s what I meant to write. It forces you to find new ways to meet the goal, to think outside the bloody box and build a whole new path —I might be reading too much Lilly Singh’s book— and you gotta be crazy enough to go all the way down and you will get down, the good thing is that once there what’s only left is climbing up —not that I’m good at climbing or any other kind of sport—.


Being a writer here is risking all looking for agents abroad, submitting to publishing house that will probably blow their nose with your work, running for contests you will never hear back of to finally understand why the population of indie authors is bigger every day.


Trying to build a dream here is hopeless if you don’t have the money and mommy and daddy behind your back. Is trying to get your parents to understand that an office job is not the only option and break arms through graduation while working a full-time job because at last, you understand what Cassius meant about the stars that John Green brought back 2012.  Is realizing that these stars won’t shine by themselves and getting out of your comfort zone is the only option.


Trying to build a writing career by yourself here is terrifying. Is being scared of not making it til’ the end of the line but yet still holding a big bright smile; here is when I repeat to myself this: if others make it with less, why can’t I?


Being someone is hard, the universe won’t care where you’re right now or where you’re from. It is going to be bitchy anyways but once you be bitchy back at it, well, things might start to get well. You might get where you are supposed to be. We are in the two thousand eighteen, man! Where you can try to get that agent even if he or she is across the ocean and yes still is hard but definitely there are more chances than ten or twenty years ago.


Being a writer in Dominican Republic is a challenge, is frustrating and holds two hundred probabilities to drive you crazy but does not alter the fact that trying new ways will always be over the table. Sit down, consider the odds at your favour and the one you need to make yours. Get a plan and start working. God knows is what I’m doing right now.


Who would tell, I did write the post here. If you excuse me I’m gonna get the rest of that ice cream waiting for me and go back to the Doctor Who marathon I started yesterday. A girl needs some time out from time to time.

Aloha there! The name is Angel and the where is the beautiful Caribbean. Another girl in this world dreaming to be an author, can't help it but is just that I truly believe a good story can reach hearts and make a strong statement. Still a college student, trying to making a way through Social Communication and writing. Superhero lover and a big fan of tea and fries mixed with ice cream because why not. Here you I'll be posting my journey through Screenwriting and daily struggles, hopefully, it can help you too; I hope it does.

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