New year, almost new me


New year, almost new me

It’s been a while, isn’t it? Somehow in my mind, these posts come easily but when a matter of writing them down, geez! Is hard. My mind Knows English although my hands refuse to acknowledge it. But, as the said goes ‘new year, almost new me’.

Or it would be if I wasn’t abduct for a whole world full of distractions.

*two minutes later*

I just ended up opening Pinterest. See my point?

*five minutes later*

This year’s resolution: freaking concentrate, please!

Okay, all distractions put aside. Messages ignored and music on, let’s begin.

Why blogging?

I always wanted to have a blog. I mean, who didn’t? The trigger is I had no idea what to write about or in what language do it. Then screenwriting came into my life, the realization of knowing Youtube was not my thing (got most of the videos deleted it by mistake, I’ll take that sign) and how to divide this mess. And that, my dear Muggles, is how Mai Bilingual Life and Una Latina en Apuros was born. You may cry, is okay. One is the Spanish version of the other, at least that’s what I told myself before going to bed but the inalienable truth is they are two different journeys, that kind of look alike, nope, is what I meant.

Allow me to explain.

Last year this blog was all about a random Diary no one asked for, maybe one movie review and a rant because life needs those. Today I decided it was time to give a proper welcoming and try to tell you all what’s going on here —not just because I got lost myself sometimes—.

Then, what is this?

This is just a big messy journal about some journeys that carry the intention of sharing and perhaps helping others. It might surprise you how much you can know about the world by just learning a language and not just due to the brokeness of my bank account —yeah, that’s what I meant— I do believe it and therefore try to currently learn three languages. As if Spanish wasn’t already difficult. Plus a scrapbook of a screenwriter/fantasy writer attempt. Let’s be nerds together! You know, the cool version of it, like Peter Parker and Tony Stark, they are the coolest nerds ever.

I could possibly spend dead hours telling you about what this blog is about but I’m running out of English words which is a problem and another universe’s sign for me to review some knowledge.

More than an informative, well-strucured entry, this is a letter. A let’s-get-the-shit-together resolution applicable for everyone out there who realized growing up is not that easy and fun as we were told. Well, great news, now you don’t have to do it alone. From languages, screenwriting and some random rants about being an adult, I hope you do can relate and feel free to share your thoughts.

Guess it officially begins.

Aloha there! The name is Angel and the where is the beautiful Caribbean. Another girl in this world dreaming to be an author, can't help it but is just that I truly believe a good story can reach hearts and make a strong statement. Still a college student, trying to making a way through Social Communication and writing. Superhero lover and a big fan of tea and fries mixed with ice cream because why not. Here you I'll be posting my journey through Screenwriting and daily struggles, hopefully, it can help you too; I hope it does.

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