How to set a language tracker

How to set a language tracker

Been looking fo a language tracker for a while now, which means is time for a crappy well made tutorial.

Well, my sexy little humans, January has ended —finally, it felt like a whole year—and with it the so famous trial month. Time to get up, shake off procrastination and kill the game, those resolutions won’t achieve themselves.

If as well, one of your new year’s resolution is to finally learn a new language you’ve come to the right place. If, by chance, you too have been looking for a how-to guide on the making of a language planner, get comfortable on your sit. For a while, I’ve been looking for a planner that fit my needs, since none of them caught my attention I decided to do one myself. After all, sometimes you must create your own tutorials. Today I encourage you to do the same.

Self-studying can be pretty challenging and maddening, if it’s a second language you get in the middle of agony not knowing where to go nor what to do, by the third language, not gonna lie, it does not get any better. Every language is a world, maybe the method you use to learn Spanish won’t work by the time you start learning Italian. It can happen, I’m currently asking myself how did I learn English so that I could possibly apply it to my Korean learning process —spoiler: can’t find the answer just yet—. That’s why this time I’m gonna implement the use of a language planner, journaling has helped me at getting my shit together —can I say shit here?— at least in a considerable amount.

With no further words to babbling, here’s what you need to know.

How to set a language planner

Make sure to find a notebook or journal you really like, we need to get motivated here.

Identify your lacking areas, what’s that that need improvement. Is it grammar, vocabulary, reading? Whatever it is, will be the focus of your attention. In a personal case, I need to get better, well, at everything with Korean therefore, I set a monthly tracker for grammar, reading, listening, writing and another layout for vocabulary.

Told you it a was a crappy well made tutorial

Each square you see in the picture makes a reference for every month of the year —I know is February already, let’s keep in mind there’s no time to start doing you—, and inside the smaller ones for every flaw, I have to work on. You may fill them with numbers as in the vocabulary layout or paint it every time you learn x amount of words or topics.

And that’s it! Whut? Nope, is not that hard. The simpler the better. Feel free to search for inspiration and adjust your tracker to your necessities, Pinterest is a great source must I say.  

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