Aloha, folks!

The name is Angel and yes, is a real one…, kind of. You could say I am another girl in this world dreaming to be an author and you’re right, can’t help it but is just that I truly believe a good story can reach hearts and make a strong statement.
Currently living in my second decade, studying what I love and hanging in there while the galaxy let my star shine.
I might have a tea problem and don’t be surprised but Tony Stark and Spiderman often fight over me, amazing, I know.


This is an attempting to stretch even more the time I apparently don’t have. But, well no one is keeping scores here, right? Here I’ll be posting my journey through Screenwriting, language learning and daily struggles, hopefully, it can help you too; I hope it does.

Writing has always been a passion and a dream to pursue, the difference is that now I’m actually doing something about it. Growing up isn’t easy, there’s not a manual to follow and the few tutorials online does not seem to work that much, that’s why here you’ll find another tutorial out of the dozen that dwells on the internet already.

Honestly, I’m not that fond of about pages but this looks pretty if taking under consideration the usual existential life crisis I go through. Naah, just kidding, or am I?

Hope you enjoy the content and remember, the comment section is free. This tiny place on the internet ifs for you too.

Growing up shouldn’t be that hard, right?

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