Why you should learn a language?

Why you should learn a language?

Inmerse in a new language can be quite confusing. Learn English. They said. Is gonna be fun. You’ll use it for everything. Is good for your career, they said. And here I am watching James Corden on Doctor Who, not that I’m really watching it. Haven’t you heard about filling the silence in a room? Well, Doctor Who, season five, episode eleven and nope, this doesn’t make sense. Just didn’t know how to introduce the topic here.

When this blog was born I had a clear vision of what this was gonna be about. Little did I know how hard it would be to sit down and actually write. One thing is speaking a language, a whole another is writing. Like, really writing. Not that easy. But did that stopped me to throw myself at Korean, Chinese, Japanese and some others? Nope, not at all. And yes, I know what you might be thinking ‘oh, this girl is going nuts’ maybe you are right. Or maybe I’m just a nerd. Who knows?!

Why learn a new language?

As a Social Communication student, at this point I realised is not about working for a Paper, covering news, is about communicating with people —bet you didn’t see that coming—, understand them. Well, learning a language, any language helps you achieve it. By doing so you are able to learn how the people of that part of the world think, their culture, how to empathize with them; not want to sound like one of those person trying to sell bundles but it is as great as it sounds.

Although, if you don’t still quite believe it could be that amazing, here’s 3 major reason of why you should definitely learn a language —this just sound as a youtube video, didn’t it—:

3 reasons to learn a new language

  1. New people: is the perfect excuse to know new human. I’ve known such interesting people since Learning Korean turned a thing in my life. Such good friends that make worth it all the going crazy part that involves learning something new by yourself.
  2. Expose yourself to a new culture: yeah, everything here is brand new. And we all know what comes with culture. Yes, FOOD. Jesus, there is so good food at the Orient. Oh, and of course the traditions. Seriously, you will be exposing yourself to a whole new world, bigger than Aladin’s.
  3. It’s fun: and before you buuu me hear me out. Math is not fun, learning languages is. Find a community and trust me, there is always a community out there. Be part, join them and you will know how crazy and funny they are. Learning by yourself can be dull but once you find the right partners to study, well, is when the party started. Just be sure to go out —digase también el internet— and look for them.

There are good apps to get started it like Hello Talk, Tandem and many others. No, this is not an add or anything alike. A cada santo lo suyo.

Be sure to find the right motivation otherwise you will grow tired the minute after. My English still has a lot to improve, you may already notice it, but yet after all these years there is a motor to keep at it. I mean, my mother tongue is spanish and I’m still dealing with it at college. Back then what kept me motivated was Nick Jonas. God, I swore I was gonna marry him. Then Harry Styles, because why the heck not. Now is screenwriting and tomorrow who’d knows.

This year I’m gonna share with you —whoever that reads this blog. C’mon, what you waiting for?— some of my new year resolution, a bit of engagement and all that stuff. I, who has not much of a lot of free time, want to improve my Korean for good and get into Chinese and Japanese. Feel free to join the journey. Next week We’ll start with Korean and where to begin.

Aloha there! The name is Angel and the where is the beautiful Caribbean. Another girl in this world dreaming to be an author, can't help it but is just that I truly believe a good story can reach hearts and make a strong statement. Still a college student, trying to making a way through Social Communication and writing. Superhero lover and a big fan of tea and fries mixed with ice cream because why not. Here you I'll be posting my journey through Screenwriting and daily struggles, hopefully, it can help you too; I hope it does.

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