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Day 9: When everything else fails

Nights like this, when the heaviness of the day falls over my shoulders, my head and back aches as If I was some seventy-five years old woman —dude, my grandma looks better than me at this point— and my brain yells “sleep” here and there, I suppose nights like this is when one is meant […]

From erredé

Day 5: The what if curse

    I think when someone realises they have a certain phobia, the first thing that pops in mind is ‘What if it happens in public?’ ‘How am I gonna control it?’ At least it was what I first thought. Months ago, maybe already a year, a good friend sent something to me and it […]

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Day 2: The Hulk

  That Hulk inside. My mom has always said “don’t let emotions rule you” aka be the smarter person in the room and she’s right but I got this temper that just can’t be contained into these five feet of a Hobbit size I am. I can’t keep my mouth shut when my brain and […]

From erredé

Day 1: In a galaxy far away

      Hi, I’m Angélica with apostrophe but you can call me Angel (is just another nickname out of the many I already have). I’m about to turn 24 in a couple of weeks which has me terrified —shit, this was all well written in my head. Is like my brain got scared at […]

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