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Why you should learn a language?

Inmerse in a new language can be quite confusing. Learn English. They said. Is gonna be fun. You’ll use it for everything. Is good for your career, they said. And here I am watching James Corden on Doctor Who, not that I’m really watching it. Haven’t you heard about filling the silence in a room? […]

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Day 4: face the music part 1

  Day 4: Face the music, part 1       You’re useless. Mom would be better off without you, everybody will. If you weren’t born then mom and dad had have got apart earlier and be happier now. No one needs you. You are a horrible person…, why don’t just get lost? And the […]

From erredé

Day 3: Am I too late?

Let’s talk about timing. Dear, whatever this is,   I just wrote two thousand forty four word before 9:10 a.m., and yes I’m thrilled.  As the statement in day one, a big part of what I am and want to be is writing and getting back to it fill my heart with a weird warmness […]

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