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Day 9: When everything else fails

Nights like this, when the heaviness of the day falls over my shoulders, my head and back aches as If I was some seventy-five years old woman —dude, my grandma looks better than me at this point— and my brain yells “sleep” here and there, I suppose nights like this is when one is meant […]

From erredé

Day 8: am I late?

        Dear whatever this is,   Time scared me like hell. Can’t help it. By now you might get a hint I’m scared of time, oblivion and all that stuff you might read in one of John Green’s book; another issue to add. Know what is scarier? Missing life because of it. […]

From erredé

Day 7: The Void

Funny how I’m not the one who chooses these topics. It might sound a bit weird but I’ve always thought of this as a ghostwriter inside me, the girl who writes and go back and forth to express the words I fail to say. At first, if you meet me in person the last thing […]

From erredé

Day 5: The what if curse

    I think when someone realises they have a certain phobia, the first thing that pops in mind is ‘What if it happens in public?’ ‘How am I gonna control it?’ At least it was what I first thought. Months ago, maybe already a year, a good friend sent something to me and it […]

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