Day 9: When everything else fails

Day 9: When everything else fails

Nights like this, when the heaviness of the day falls over my shoulders, my head and back aches as If I was some seventy-five years old woman —dude, my grandma looks better than me at this point— and my brain yells “sleep” here and there, I suppose nights like this is when one is meant to make the hardest desition, remember there’s a dream ahead and just do it. Life does not stop for anybody after all.

Have you ever heard that song by Bridgit Mendler that goes ‘All I see is gold’? Well, All I see is my bed. Although the heart knows better, so here I am trying to write a post to prove to one of my friend it is possible —hope you’re getting that homework done, Nicole—.

Sometimes you have all the energy in the universe, you wake up motivated and ready to get shit done but does it happens that somehow your shoulder gets back down and the feelings disappear? No? Really? Okay, what about procrastination? That little disastrous bug that topples the precious visualization you had the night before. It can be pretty annoying. I wish I could offer you a magic trick to be over with but sadly, my dear human sexy friend is all about determination and hard work.

Time to focus and remind your body who’s the boss aka auto-control. Other has achieved it and so can you. Right now all I wish is to shut down the laptop, set an alarm believing I will indeed wake up at 3:00 am to finish this post, just to face the truth: it won’t happen. The alarm will ring at three in the morning but my eyes won’t open, they never do yet I keep lying to myself. And that’s the problem.

Well, is 2019 and definitely time to do some actual change. It’s so easy to dream about a life instead of building one.  It’s just too easy to give up. To end up at some random corner not knowing where to go next, what do with the life you were given. And honestly, sometimes you don’t have to know it. It is okay to be clueless at times, the issue is when it becomes a permanent state, that’s your hint to run off as hell, darling.

When everything else fails and you find yourself with no backup plan then stop for a second to be yourself again, because that is a sign of getting lost; of losing north. This year my biggest resolution is to get away from procrastination, one thing leads to another and by doing so I might actually get what I dream of, like world domination and stuff.

Here 3 things I do when everything else seems to fail:

  1. Get away from the noise: is really easy to get confused around everyone else goals and life plans. Is not lack of determination, is 3D Spam, no, it just not happen on the internet; take your time to reorder your stars, to focus and that what you want.
  2. Get some rest: most of the advice you’ll see this is based on personal experience, for that, I tell you to sleep is important. If you just can’t find the right word for that paper due for the end of the week then put it down and get some rest, let the ideas flow back as wild beautiful unicorns.
    Last night I had no idea where this post was going so on the contrary what it’s written above, I went to bed and look know, the words are coming out by themselves.
  3. Change the strategy, not the plan: the future you see ahead is a good one, you’re just maybe using the wrong track. Stick to a plan, there’s a reason it keeps awake but, when it looks that shit ain’t getting done then take a moment and review is you are approaching it the right way.

Find a way to get your mind back on track. For example, whenever I feel like going nowhere I would grab a notebook and write a letter that ends up as a contract with myself. If I feel like crap again —which might occur often. Don’t be a fool, the period does bring existential crisis everymonth—, I would get that notebook and read it to be reminded why I’m doing this.

Within reach, a thousand possibilities dwell near you achieve your resolution. Life is hard indeed, not always you will face great outcomings, naah, not at all. Maybe this week the universe smile at you and the next one throw bird dirty over your recently washed hair.

The only thing that can make a difference is how you face it. Go wash your hair again, this time with that coconut shampoo you love and get out again, bien regia, better, stronger.

Growing up is hard as hell, we don’t have to struggle alone.

Aloha there! The name is Angel and the where is the beautiful Caribbean. Another girl in this world dreaming to be an author, can't help it but is just that I truly believe a good story can reach hearts and make a strong statement. Still a college student, trying to making a way through Social Communication and writing. Superhero lover and a big fan of tea and fries mixed with ice cream because why not. Here you I'll be posting my journey through Screenwriting and daily struggles, hopefully, it can help you too; I hope it does.

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