One Struggle Away

Day 9: When everything else fails

Nights like this, when the heaviness of the day falls over my shoulders, my head and back aches as If I was some seventy-five years old woman —dude, my grandma looks better than me at this point— and my brain yells “sleep” here and there, I suppose nights like this is when one is meant […]

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New year, almost new me

It’s been a while, isn’t it? Somehow in my mind, these posts come easily but when a matter of writing them down, geez! Is hard. My mind Knows English although my hands refuse to acknowledge it. But, as the said goes ‘new year, almost new me’. Or it would be if I wasn’t abduct for […]

One Struggle Away

Day 8: am I late?

        Dear whatever this is,   Time scared me like hell. Can’t help it. By now you might get a hint I’m scared of time, oblivion and all that stuff you might read in one of John Green’s book; another issue to add. Know what is scarier? Missing life because of it. […]

One Struggle Away

Day 7: The Void

Funny how I’m not the one who chooses these topics. It might sound a bit weird but I’ve always thought of this as a ghostwriter inside me, the girl who writes and go back and forth to express the words I fail to say. At first, if you meet me in person the last thing […]

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